Merry Christmas!

Thanks for reading New Third Way! We are taking a break from writing over the holidays. We will be back after the new year trying and as always trying to get better each week. We will continue to help you find ways to think critically about tough issues facing our country in a New Third … Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Social (in)Security

Social Security is one of the most financially burdensome social welfare programs ever devised. This entitlement accounts for about 24% of federal spending every year. While the system is clearly unsustainable, our elected officials in both parties are unwilling to reform it. Currently, somewhere around a quarter of our national debt is owed to the … Continue reading Social (in)Security

Abolish the Minimum Wage!

We should not raise the minimum wage as many progressive activists across our country might suggest, but instead abolish it completely. Let’s think about this critically…why do minimum wage laws exist? The answer of course is that they are the consequence of well meaning legislation trying to protect the most vulnerable workers in our society. Low-wage … Continue reading Abolish the Minimum Wage!