Abolish the Minimum Wage!

We should not raise the minimum wage as many progressive activists across our country might suggest, but instead abolish it completely. Let’s think about this critically…why do minimum wage laws exist? The answer of course is that they are the consequence of well meaning legislation trying to protect the most vulnerable workers in our society. Low-wage … Continue reading Abolish the Minimum Wage!

No Representation Without Taxation

The American Revolution started over the idea of No Taxation Without Representation. Today, nearly 240 years after the Revolution, America faces a new problem in regards to taxation and representation. Only now, many people are represented in the government but not taxed. At first read, this may seem insignificant and even reasonable, but left unchecked … Continue reading No Representation Without Taxation

A Quick Pre-requisite for Your Honorary Diploma from the Electoral College

The Rules: So you are telling me that when I pull the lever to vote for a candidate for the office of President of the United States that I am not actually voting for the candidate, but instead merely expressing my opinion to a group of electors that I do not know, that are not … Continue reading A Quick Pre-requisite for Your Honorary Diploma from the Electoral College

With Great Freedom Comes Great Responsibility…

The problem with the title of this post being true is that in modern American society, responsibility is undervalued. In fact, being responsible often seems like an exception instead of a rule. Let’s take for example that a large number of people in America identify themselves as pro-choice. By that they mean a woman should … Continue reading With Great Freedom Comes Great Responsibility…